Duke say...

"Peace and love, baby!"

This was Duke's original -and my personal favorite- saying. (My mother always told me I was born about twenty years too late.)

This will be explained.

This will always be.

This is how it started.

The History of Duke

Many years ago while doodling on a book cover (as most high schoolers do), I came up with a rather odd rendering of a dog. There was nothing ordinary about him. You have to understand that he was born at the height of my peace-loving, I'm going to save the world, hippy chic phase. So naturally, he shared my ideals.

I showed the doodle to my best friend ('Kitty') and my sister (who has no middle name). This brought a long, hearty round of laughter. We carried on with jokes and comments until we had tears running down our faces. You see, he was banana shaped with a nose much too large for his pointed face. He had one arm (I mean leg) extended to reveal a paw that formed a peace sign (which later became his trademark).

All he needed now was a name. We finally decided on "Duke" sometime after our faces reached the point of hurting from laughing so hard. I must say, the name suited him quite well.

Within a few days, Duke began sharing his wisdom with us. And now, twenty years after his creation, I have decided to share all that Duke was (and still is) with you.